Cattini Giovanna

Orthopaedic specialist and assistant in Ophthalmology.


Diagnosis and therapy of diplopia of any origin other than infantile squint. I also take care of amlioplium prevention screening and squint for children of 8 months, 3 years and 6 years.

the study

Orthoptist and assistant in Ophthalmology.

Giovanna Cattini, orthoptist and assistant in ophthalmology, specializes in diagnosis and diplopia therapy of any origin as well as of the infantile squint. Performs prevention screening for 8-month-old children 3.

The study deals witheye examination with modern and sophisticated machinery.


Every type of Diplopia.

Circulatory, circulatory brain, tumor, thyroid, diseases of the central nervous system, traumatic, after cataract surgery or refractive surgery.
After a squint surgery. S
i performs a sensory balance – motor as precise as possible using tools such as the screen of Hess, Less, Harms and the recording of eye movements. The aim is to achieve the fusion of images by privileging the right/front position and the look down very important in daily life.


Convergent squint, divergent, vertical.

Clinical study with sensory balance – motor that aims to cure and win amblyopia (lazy eye) with different methods depending on the individual case and to obtain a correct binocular vision where possible. Where it is not possible, the goal is to achieve an alternative binocular vision “binocular union” that over time has the ability to develop even a coarse stereoscopic sense.


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Milan at the Columbus nursing home,
via Buonarroti, 48 (MM Buonarroti)
Tel. 0248080959

Modena at the Surgery Clinic Modenese
via Arquà, 5
Cell. 3356138406

State-of-the-art equipment

Unique custom tools from around the world.

Thanks to the use of modern machinery at the study it is possible to undergo in-depth examinations and specialist visits of Binocular vision and the Ocular motility.

Machinery for the Kinetic Studio.

Recording of eye movements.

Machinery for static study

Harms tangent screen to study horizontal, vertical and torsional deviations of muscle paralysis due, for example, to tumors, brain hemorrhages, thyroid.

Machinery for screening

Prevention of amlioplia and strabismus for children of 8 months, 3 years and 6 years that allows to perform the test in a few seconds and without dilation of the pupil, improving the quality of the visit perceived by the infant.


they’re talking about me

I’ve been talking to you for 30 years.
Great professionalism and competence.
Highly recommended.

Mara Eleuterio

I met the Doctor I had little more than a year for strabismus problems and at 8 years I underwent surgery for the correction of strabismus to both eyes. The operation went great, and if today no one notices what my eyes were like, it’s because of her.
First impact is a general, but the smile he had when I recovered is priceless. Thank you for everything, Dr Cattini.

Serena Ruggirello


Presso la casa di cura Columbus
Via Buonarroti, 48 (MM Buonarroti)


In Poliambulatorio Chirurgico Modenese, via Arquà, 5

Monday – Wensday- Thursday

13:30 / 19:00

Tuesday – Friday

9:30 / 14:00


+39 0248080959


+39 3356138406


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